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Floating License Server

License4J Floating License Server download package includes a free Floating License Server application which runs as a service on all Windows versions and Linux operating systems; Mac OS version is same with Linux version. The only software requirement is Oracle Java version 1.6 and above. Both Windows and Linux installer files are available and include a bundled Java.

Floating License Server includes two components which are license server itself and an administration GUI tool. They can be used installed and used on same computer or administration GUI can be used separately on a remote computer.

With Floating License Server Administration GUI tool, you can display installed licenses and active users obtained each license separately, configure license server, install, update and delete licenses, display license details, and floating license server hardware id.

License4J Floating License Server

Floating License Server and Administration GUI supports customization and localization with properties files. If requested with e-mail, you will get a floating license server customization package free of charge. Within this package, you will find setup script to generate a custom installer and required configuration files to change or localize any string in software. You can modify everything including window titles and about box image.

License4J Floating License Server is free to use and distribute with your product. You may use and distribute floating license server setup files or a custom installer with your product for installation by your customers.

Floating License Server User Guide is available in PDF format.

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