License4J Java Software Licensing, License Manager
- Latest version 4.7.3 -
license4j buy now License4J License Manager - 55$

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license4j buy now License4J Auto License Generation and Activation Server 1 Year Maintenance Subscription - 250$

License Manager GUI and Development library requires a license for each computer it is installed and license should be activated in 30 days. Each license includes 1 year free maintenance and subscription to Online.License4J. You may purchase yearly maintenance after first year to upgrade to new versions and to continue your Online.License4J subscription.

For each License4J License Manager license you purchased, you will get 1000 license generation permission on Online.License4J system. If you like you can get different Online.License4J accounts with 1000 license generation permissions. If you purchased multiple license, you can distribute your license generation limit to different accounts. If License Manager is used with a local database, it can generate unlimited number of licenses.

Runtime library includes only license validation methods, and should be integrated into and distributed with your software. Runtime library is free of charge and can be integrated into unlimited number of software products.

Development library includes both license generation and validation methods, and it can be used to create your own license generation software.

Floating License Server is a free application, and also can be distributed with your product. Floating licenses created with License Manager are served by floating license server.

Auto License Generation and Activation Server is a web application and runs on any Tomcat 7.0+ deployment. It supports license generation and activation by connecting to the same database with License Manager GUI.

LICENSE4J License4J License Manager License4J License Manager Screenshot License4J License Manager is a total solution for java software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generation and validation of license text, license keys and floating license files. Also it includes a free to use and distribute Floating License Server. Software > Computer Software > Business & Productivity Software 160928-0601-02-201101 55$ Store Buy
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