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Floating License Server

Floating License Server is a small server application responsible for hosting and management of floating licenses generated by License4J License Manager.

Single Floating License Server instance manages any number of different floating licenses. Floating license (also known as concurrent network license) are intended to serve multiple users with a floating license server (also known as network license server). Floating license defines the number of users who can run a software product at the same time (concurrently) and keep records of concurrent license usage.

License4J Floating License Server download package includes two components: management GUI tool and License Server application which runs as a service on all Windows versions and Linux operating systems. Both Windows and Linux installer files are available and include a bundled Java.

Floating License Server Administration GUI tool is used to display installed licenses and active users obtained each license separately, configure license server, install, update, delete and display license details. It can be installed on the license server or on a management workstation.

License4J Floating License Server

Floating License Server is primarily responsible for hosting floating licenses but also it has some more additional features like keeping and reporting license usage statistics, license access control, and license superseding.

Server by default stores statistical license usage data and GUI can export these data to excel files for easy reporting and drawing charts (example). Also, GUI can display charts directly in a window for selected data and period of time (example).

License4J Floating License Server stats

Server has access control features; some clients can be rejected or allowed to get a license based on username, host name or IP address permanently or temporarily defined in minutes.

License4J Floating License Server stats
License4J Floating License Server stats

Floating License Server and Administration GUI supports customization and localization with properties files. When requested, floating license server customization package is distributed free of charge. Customization package includes all setup scripts to generate a custom installer and required configuration files to change or localize any string in software. All strings can be modified including window titles and about box image.

License4J Floating License Server is free to use and distribute within any software product or separately.

Floating License Server User Guide is available in PDF format.

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