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Online.License4J is a server system for storing generated licenses online. License activation and auto license generation with HTTP POST requests is supported when generated licenses are stored on Online.License4J.

Only License4J License Manager can connect to system for license management, and some features of License Manager is enabled when it is connected.

Online.License4J accounts are provided to all License4J License Manager customers which has a valid maintenance license. When you purchased License4J License Manager, your account is created and account details is sent to your e-mail.

By default with each License4J License Manager license you will get a 1 year valid Online.License4J account with maximum of 1000 allowed licenses. If more than one license purchased, allowed license limit will be multiple of purchased license number. After License Manager license maintenance expired, the related account will be suspended (all data will be preserved for additional 1 year).

For multiple License4J License Manager purchases, you can request multiple different accounts or use all allowed license limit for one account.

After License4J License Manager first year free maintenance expired, related Online.License4J account is also suspended. To enable account, you should purchase a maintenance subscription for License Manager.

Suspended accounts can not connect to Online.License4J and also if defined auto license generation and license activation requests are denied.

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