License4J Java Software Licensing, License Manager
- Latest version 4.7.3 -

Java Software Product Licensing Solutions:

API, License Manager and Server

License4J provides solutions for Java software product licensing and protection. It includes Java API, License Manager GUI tool, Auto License Generation and Activation Server application and Floating License Server for generation and validation of license text, license key, and floating license file.

License4J is designed to be easy to use and integrate in any Java software application. A small pure Java runtime library provides static methods for license validation, online activation, deactivation and validation. Full featured License Manager provides wizard dialogs for generating licenses and license templates. It supports all types of software licensing methods with auto/manual license activation. Auto License Generation and Activation Server performs auto license generation, activation, deactivation, and online validation. Short video tutorials are available.

License4J Java Software Licensing

A single copy of License Manager provides all software licensing solutions. Online.License4J subscription is also included for online license generation, activation, deactivation and validation.

License4J includes a free Floating License Server application to host and serve generated floating licenses. It runs as a service on Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. Floating licenses can be installed, updated, deleted and monitored locally or remotely with Floating License Server Administration GUI tool. Floating License Server and Administration GUI can be fully customized and internalized.

Auto License Generation and Activation Server version 1.7.3 is available on downloads page. It is a web application which handles auto license generation, activation, deactivation, blacklist check and license modification requests. It is deployed on a Tomcat and connects to the same database with License Manager to perform defined and allowed actions on licenses.

License Manager 4.7.3 and Floating License Server 4.7.2 is available on downloads page. License Manager has many GUI enhancements, and a new features.

License Activation and Validation Proxy Server version 1.7.2 is available on downloads page, it is appropriate for environments in which security concerns may restrict direct access to the Internet for license activation, deactivation and validation.

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