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License4J Videos

Installation and basic configuration of License4J products; and also usage scenarios for simple licensing implementation are demonstrated in the following videos. It takes about 10 minutes to add runtime library and required source code to a Java software product; in the videos a very simple editor application is developed and licensing is added by using quick start examples.

License Manager Installation

After downloading License Manager zip file, video starts with installing License Manager. When License Manager started, it displays 30 days valid trial license installation, and finally database storage options.

Auto License Generation and Activation Server Installation

Following video demonstrates Auto License Generation and Activation Server installation. After installation is completed, an example license with enabled activation is generated with License Manager and license activation is performed on new server using license testing feature.

Floating License Server Installation

Following video demonstrates floating license server installation, floating license text generation and finally installing license on floating license server.

Add Licensing to a Sample Java Application in less than 15 Minutes

Adding licensing library and required source code to a Java application is easy with quick start examples. In the video, a very simple editor application is developed and license related source code is added. Then application becomes ready for selling.

Generate a Trial License Key with Enabled Activation

Following video demonstrates how to generate a trial license. A single trial license is actually enough for a Java software product; it can be embedded in source code or distributed over web page; so each user can install and use same trial license. Trial license usage can be monitored with License Manager GUI. Steps to generate many different trial licenses are also same.

Using Floating License Text in a Software Product

Using a floating license text requires floating license server on user's site. All floating licenses are generated for a specific floating license server and distributed. Concurrent usage is controlled by floating license server. Video demonstrates adding required source code for license validation by using quick start example.

License Generation with HTTP Form Post

License Manager generates a sample HTML form with Ajax and PHP support from defined auto license generation settings. So that it is easy to start with sample HTML form and integrate into any web site when required. In the video an example license template and license auto generation setting is created; then HTML Form is prepared by License Manager and opened in a browser for testing.

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